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Glass is only a means to bring your interior to life. Since we use both traditional and new techniques, almost anything is possible. You give us your idea and our creative team will transform it into a design, so that you have a clear picture of what to expect.
Together, we work to produce an aesthetic and unique final result.

We are always prepared to accept a challenge, even if your design has never been created in glass before. Glass-Creations will make every effort to realize your design.
We make interior and exterior doors, in every possible size, be it a nostalgic warm design or a modern, minimalist design. Every door is a unique, handmade work of art which is designed and created by professionals with the greatest of care. Glass doors and walls allow you to play with light and space. Anything is possible! Mosaics, contrasts, shapes, figures, colours. Everything can be produced with glass. After all, a door can also be an extension of your interior which makes everything fall into place. Glass-Creations knows how to make this happen.
We also design and create perfectly styled furniture with a feeling for beauty. After all, a piece of furniture can have more functions than just its primary use. It can also be a reflection of art, style, emotion and beauty. A piece of glass furniture can be the jewel of your interior.
We are also able to produce artistic, glass sculptures. Be it abstract or expressive, everything is possible. Our creations are mouth-blown, so that each one is unique.
If you already have an image in mind, then we will be pleased to create this for you in glass.
Glass is timeless.
You only have to know how to express it. And Glass-Creations does.

However, if you do not yet know what you want, then we will be pleased to offer you professional advice regarding what suits you and your interior.
We have specialized in glass stairways. A stairway can be timeless and inconspicuous, so that your interior is not disturbed or it can arouse your curiosity and tempt you to find out more. It can be w hatever you wish. Glass-Creations knows exactly how to arouse the senses.
Finally, we can also give your interior the best quality natural stone floors. Natural stone exudes warmth. It is an ideal material for making your dreams become reality and it can easily be styled to your wishes. You can use modern designs or elegant figures so that your floor expresses your feelings.

Glass-Creations is a pioneer in the field of glasswork. We have all the expertise necessary to guarantee craftsmanship and quality. Our clientele includes both businesses and private individuals who wish to have their dreams realized in glass.
We are the people who can do this for you.

Glass-Creations would like to hear from you again as a customer and we hope that this website has given you a good impression of what is possible with glass.